A monitor mixing app for Behringer X32 and Midas M32 Consoles.

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A monitor mixing app for Behringer X32 and Midas M32 Consoles with of cool features like stereo busses and namable groups.

Its clean and tidy user interface provides exactly what you when dialing in your monitor sound on stage.


Comming soon ....

Frequantly Asked Questions

How battery hungry is the app?

What consumes most of the CPU power is displaying the meters. When you have it running displaying the mixer view it will consume battery. If you are playing a 5 hour gig and want it running all the time you might want to conssider bringing a power bank or charger.

The console doesn't show up in the list — whats going on?

OK - so this really depends on the network setup you have. The console discovery feature uses a UDP broadcast to make the consoles on the network respond. If you aren't seeing the console it means that the packets didn't make it to the console or back to your device. This could have multiple reasons:

  • You are not in the same network as the console — If this is on purpose you might have to key in the IP address of the console.
  • The access point drops the UPD packates.

Why isn't there a light background?

You will be standing on a stage likely in a dark room or venue. I delally there is a light show which we don't want to interfere with. Illuminting your face is someone else's job. :)


The app is built with privacy in mind. It doesn't access any of the data on your device. It stores the config and group settings in the user defaults store $ndash; no cloud access at all.

There are no ads and no user information is read at any stage.